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Full Circle

Our retreats are geared toward empowering women and birth-workers. Our goal is to support US in bridging the gaps we may have between our cultural practices and understandings from before and after slavery. 

We do reconnection activities i.e. Mother moans, libations/prayers,  healing circles and celebrations. 


Nigerian &

Soul Food Cuisine

During our retreats we like to replenish not only your mind but keep your body replenished with locally grown food prepared by our personal chefs. We will also learn to prepare foods for pregnant mothers and spend time cooking with one another. 



During our retreats we focus on gathering herbs and leaning to make certain Agbo (used for pregnancy) i.e. soaps, swallow and drink 



We understand how bitter-sweet it is for people when they leave our home in Osogbo. Most people cry, promise to return and in turn they do. We take you to the airport for your journey back home and you leave not only with a special gift bag to remember your travels but with a family across the ocean. 

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