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Arelagbayi International 
Home of Culture

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Preserving the Essence of Tradition



​Arelagbayi International Home of Culture is an extraordinary organization that aims to safeguard and encourage traditional African cultural heritage. Established in 2012, it functions as a central point for those who wish to reconnect with their origins, providing various activities and resources that focus on traditional African ways of life. The organization's unwavering commitment to its mission has earned it widespread acclaim, establishing it as a significant influence in the protection of Africa’s diverse cultural legacy.

We offer cultural immersion experiences, workshops, and trainings to expose individuals to various aspects of African traditions. From birth practices, dance, and music to culinary arts and indigenous crafts, Arelagbayi covers a wide spectrum of cultural practices, ensuring that each participant gains a comprehensive understanding  of our heritage.

One of the key offerings by Arelagbayi is the cultural immersion experience. This allows individuals to spend significant time living within a traditional African community, fully engaging in their daily rituals, practices, and ceremonies. By creating an immersive environment, participants develop a profound appreciation for both the significance of their own traditions based on their lived experience and from within African society. This experience not only fosters personal growth but also serves as an avenue for promoting intercultural understanding and unity.


Arelagbayi plays a pivotal role in preserving and promoting traditional African culture. Its commitment to cultural immersion experiences ensures that African traditions are cherished and passed on to future generations. By embracing diversity and fostering intercultural understanding, Arelagbayi Home of Culture LLC seeks to bridge societal gaps and celebrate the essence of Africa's rich heritage.

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