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Learn about Baba Adekunle Ogun's 




Ifa is the spiritual knowledge of creations from past, present and future of earth and heaven (aye&orun). Orunmila is the Orisha that brought Ifa and both are inseparable. You cannot mention Ifa without mentioning Orunmila. The following are a few of the services most frequently requested.

  • IFA consultations

  • Spiritual Cleanings

  • Spiritual Bath

  • Initiations  

  • Baby Naming Ceremonies

  • Wedding Ceremonies

  • Rites of Passage 


Adekunle has lectured on a multitude of topics throughout the diaspora and internationally. The following are a few of the topics that make him a well-renowned speaker. 


  • Indigenous Woodcarving & Cultural Landscaping

  • Traditional Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Yoruba Culture & Spirituality

  • Yoruba Immersion & Language

  • Traditional Orisa & Yoruba Spiritual Systems

Art/Wood work

The family’s artistic trademark features are unique to the expression and spiritual worldviews of their tribal clan and represent the variable totems of the Yoruba spiritual pantheon which is a very intricate part of the families experience and their cultural ties to the Diaspora. The following are a few examples of such works.


  • Beadwork

  • Wood Carvings

  • Tie-dye 

  • Stone Statues

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