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Isese Lagba


Healing, uplifting, and empowering our communities by the way of our ancestors

What is Ifa/Orisa

Ifa is the spiritual knowledge of creations from past, present and future of earth and heaven (Aye & Orun). Orunmila is the Orisa that brought Ifa and both are inseparable. Ifa is the voice of Olodumare.

In this way of life, we do a series of spiritual work such as divination (idafa) followed by the healing work (ebo), Orisa feedings and consecrations, spiritual cleansings and baths, ancestor (egungun) work, initiations, baby rituals (esentaye) and naming ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and much more!


Idafa & Ebo

Idafa or Ifa consultations (divination) is done by a Babalawo or Iyanifa. Its like taking a snapshot of your life at that given time. Ifa advises you and prescribes ebo (sacrifice) and often times adimun (offerings) to appease the energies you're working with. Ebo is made to fix problems, and at the same time helps what is already good in your life to become better.  


Orisa Offerings  & More

Each Orisa carries and represents a certain energy. Depending on who you are and the energy you came to earth with it may be necessary for you to work with specific Orisa. We give offerings and prayers to the Orisa, teach how to upkeep and work with the shrine/Orisa, consecrate shrine and more! 



Esentaye is a ritual that is performed after the birth of a baby. This ritual  tells the parents what they need to know about their baby, the energies they need to work with, how to support their baby on their path and they find out their spiritual names. Ebo is made and naming ceremonies follow


Spiritual Medicine

Spiritual medicines can be eaten, washed with, drank, burned, and/or rubbed on your body.

There are spiritual medicines to help with your health, wealth, protection and bringing specific blessings into your life. 



Initiation "rites of passages" is done to bring balance, longevity, prosperity and wealth to our lives. It is usually advised by Ifa divination. This is a process where you go through a spiritual rebirth and get to be crowned /received the ase of that Orisa.



& Rituals

We perform many different ceremonies and rituals (just to name a few)

  • Naming ceremonies

  • Wedding ceremonies

  • New mother ceremonies

  • Odun

  • Spiritual and home cleansings

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