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Ile Alawoye Healers Retreat


Support on travel requirements   Security upon arrival    Transportation during your entire trip beginning upon arrival   Lodging in our family home   2-3 American-Nigerian meals prepared by our personal chef   Birth retreat and leisure activities  (custom) Private welcome & closing ceremonies Performances of cultural dances and songs   One Ankara outfit for Osun festival

Not Included



Plane Ticket

Travel Insurance

Vaccine Requirements

Welcome to Ile Alawoye Healers Retreat, a sanctuary where traditional midwives gather to share their expertise and wisdom with women from diverse backgrounds. Our retreats offer a distinctive opportunity to explore various aspects of women's health, including womb health, fertility, pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum, lactation, and infant loss, alongside renowned healers and practitioners. Our focus lies in holistic healing and empowering women to take charge of their wellbeing. During the retreat, we immerse ourselves in various traditional and cultural activities, such as attending the Osun Festival and receiving a private tour of the Osun Grove, participating in the Isese Festival, and exploring Osogbo's cultural sites like the Iya Nikes Art Center, Susan Wegner House, Orisunbare Market, and spiritual temples and palaces. We also host private welcoming and closing ceremonies and embark on a private tour of the Journey of No Return at the Badagry Slave Port. Join us at our next retreat to embark on a transformative journey towards improved health and wellness.

Intensive 7-day Training

During our retreat, full-circle birth education is an important focus. We study Womb Health and Fertility, Pregnancy and Labor/Delivery, Postpartum and Lactation, Pregnancy and Infant Loss, as well as Herbal Health. Our Group of midwives and traditional healers gather to not only provide priceless information, but they share their wealth of experience and hidden ancestral secrets that are sacred to their tradition and practice as a midwife. We bring each participant in as if they are one of ours.


Womb Health/Fertility

We discuss the traditional ways we approach overall womb health and infertility. We discuss how common issues in the other parts of the world (endometriosis, fibroids, conception during and after menopause etc. ) are fixed without western medicine.


Pregnancy/Infant Loss

Loss is a realistic part of life and our human experience. We discuss the spiritual understandings of loss and any spiritual work needed for mom, family, and deceased baby. We also discuss how mom is physically taken care of.

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Attendance to small and large clinics, seminars on pregnancy approach, premature birth and labor & delivery,  debunking of myths and westernizations  approach/ influence during labor and delivery

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Herbal Health

Agbo or herbal concoctions are used throughout the entire pregnancy to ensure good health and smooth preparation for mom and baby. We have seminars, herbal walks, and observe/interact when agbo is being made.



We discuss and get the opportunity to observe/partake in postpartum rituals & celebrations. We discuss common practices and address ways in which lactation and postpartum complications are taken care of.


Spiritual Health

Traditional Midwiferys foundation is in ancestral practices. You can not remove spiritual understanding from traditional birth-work and still be whole. We discuss how all is connected and give opportunity for those interested in learning more for their own practice and lives. 

Retreat - Traditional/Cultural Activities

During the retreat we attend a multitude of Traditional/Cultural activities. We attend the Osun Festival as well as receive a private tour of the Osun Grove, We attend the Isese Festival where all practitioners in Osun State attend, We tour the Osogbo cultural sites like the first Iya Nikes Art Center, The Susan Wegner house, The Orisunbare Market, and different spiritual temples and palaces, we host private welcoming and closing ceremonies, We also have a private tour of the Journey of no Return at the Badagry Slave port.



Osun is the goddess of the water, of love, life, and fertility.  We attend the Osun festival during the retreat to partake in the reverence of  Iya Osun

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