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Why Ile Alawoye

We will meet you where you are

Every person has their own individual roadmap. If you are a pregnant mom, not only are you are in transition, you are vessel for your baby who is on its own path. We meet you where you are in your journey. We sculpt care plans centered specifically to you and your individual needs so you can have a healthy spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical experience.

For pregnant families, we nurture the whole family with full spectrum and full circle care.

We offer services in spiritual supportwomb health, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and loss

Our approach to birth-work is founded in ancestral practices passed on from direct elders and elders in Isese Lagba and traditional midwifery from Nigeria.

We honor the cultural practices of what our mothers did for the community and during pregnancy; bridging gaps with education on birth and women practices from Africa. We also offer mentorship opportunities.


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