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Sauleiha Akangbe


What they are saying about


Margaret, Client

Sauleiha was not just my doula - she really was my birth angel.

The moment we met I knew she was the right person.
She has an air of calm around her that just makes you feel secure and at ease.
As someone who can be very type A and get high strung, I knew she would make sure that I channeled the calm within me to birth a large baby without any pain medications. She skillfully involved my partner in active labor so that he was just not an outsider looking in. I had my playlist going, we had flameless LED candles going and the vibe was just right. I could not think of a better person aside from family to be there for me during such an emotional and intimate day for me. She goes above and beyond. She showed up right on time when I had a triggering moment with an attending during my labor ( for context she was the same attending four years prior who told me some distressing news during a prior birth). I immediately text Saulieha. Saulieha showed up and calmed me down and I was able to focus on the now and not let my past dictate my emotions. She is a gift.  Black doulas are a scarcity and we know that Black doulas improve Black maternal health outcomes . She will forever be interwoven into my family's story. For this and much more I am so grateful for her. 


F. King, Client

" I was very glad that I hired a doula for my birth. My induced labor was long and difficult, with many unexpected issues. I don't know how I would have coped with my doulas help. She was also a huge support for my husband through the experience." 


A. Tesfaye, Client

"I had a long labor, and my parents were not with me when I gave birth a month ago. Have the first labor is stressful and difficult to cope with because no experience, don't no how to handle the pain during labor, and don't no what to do. This doula helped me a lot and was so special service. She brought me candle lights and air freshener to feel like that I was at home, and gave me advice what to do in each stage of labor and delivery. Her help was like my mom. I felt like my mom was on the side of me. She spent tow night with me with a great help. I have a friend who is pregnant. I told her about the service and she really wants to have a doula , and she is going to contact her (the doula who helped me). Thank you so much for your great work and I was lucky to have you."


C. Noelck, Client

"Sauleiha was fabulous. She supported my husband and I in the best way possible - giving directions & emotional guidance at critical moments in the birthing process. Our birth experience with Sauleiha by our side was exceptional" 



"Hey, I heard you brought the HOUSE DOWN last night at the Birth Doula Skills Workshop. Sauleiha, your contributions to our workshops and our community are huge. Your sphere of influence reaches farther than you know. Thank you for being so willing to share your talents. I deeply appreciate you." 

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