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We provide traditional  artwork in the form of wood carvings. If you are interested in purchasing please inquire. All art work is hand carved by traditional  Ogun family.
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Traditionally trained  birth worker and full circle certified birth and postpartum doula. Finding ways to empower doulas and clients by the way of our ancestors.
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Birth; Postpartum; Support   

Transportation travel

We meet you where you are for birth services, mentorship, or
come join us in the motherland!
Upon arrival to Nigeria we will provide transportation to and from the airport as well  as the duration of your stay!

Orisa Dance & Song

Join my family and I in the USA or in Osogbo Nigeria for traditional song, drumming and dance.

While in Nigeria, witness performances, the creation of traditional sekere and drums, experience celebrations with drumming and dancing


We offer consultations.
(Including but not limited to) Ifa/Orisha/Ori/Egungun/Egbe feedings. Spiritual baths and medicines.
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